Jesse’s Vision for Atlanta

My vision for our city’s future is really quite straightforward. It is simply: That Atlanta will be a safe city that works for you.

Atlanta can become again a city that delivers on its commitment to service and is responsive to the needs of its citizens – a city that is environmentally friendly and economically sound. My vision for Atlanta is a city able to afford the most basic needs as well as the grandest designs of its present and its future – a city viewed as an oasis of urban excellence and unfettered opportunity for all.

What our city needs…

Our city needs a Mayor with experience in solving complex business and financial problems. The crisis our city is experiencing demands a Mayor with the experience, the training, the independence and integrity to make the right decisions – and the resolve to develop and then follow a plan that will return financial accountability and stability to city government, safety to our communities, and confidence to our public.

I am that candidate!

Jesse Spikes wants to be Mayor because…

The city of Atlanta is in crisis! Jesse’s educational, work and life experiences have prepared him to lead Atlanta to become the fiscally sound, international city it can and should be. As Mayor, Jesse will focus on the nuts and bolts of what city government should provide to its citizens – timely, consistent and cost-effective basic services like garbage collection, safe and clean water, community police and fire services, and parks and other recreational facilities and activities – especially for our children.

Because of fiscal waste and mismanagement of resources, many of our neighbors live in fear for their safety, and delivery of the most basic city services has become a challenge.

Unless we act now to put an end to this ‘business as usual’ approach – where we recycle career politicians who talk about but refuse to take the actions necessary to solve our problems – things will only get worse.